Economic Evaluation in Healthcare: An Introduction | University of Manchester

Event date: 23 January 2023 1.00pm to 4.00pm

Location: Stopford Building

The demand for healthcare is rising all the time for many reasons, and generally outstrips supply. This scarcity means uncomfortable choices have to be made about how to allocate resources to health care programmes. One response to this scarcity is to treat patients on a first-come first-served basis until the money runs out. This mechanism is used, but is not planned, and may not be a socially beneficial use of limited healthcare resources. Economic evaluation provides a framework for allocating resources so the efficiency of health systems can be improved and maximal benefit obtained from the resources available. This short course gives an overview of:

  • Basic concepts to understand why economic evaluation is needed
  • Key frameworks and methods

    Intended learning outcomes

    On completion of this short course you will:
    • Understand issues of scarcity and rationing from an economic perspective and assess the need for an economic evaluation
    • Have an overview of the key principles and components of economic evaluations
    • Have the basic tools to critically interpret published economic evaluations

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