Leading Prevention in Clinical Services – A Toolkit Approach

Health Education England are recruiting a group of health care professionals from within clinical settings across the North West and Midlands region into an Action Learning Programme that will help build preventative public health practice into clinical services.

The aim of the programme is to support a range of health and care professions, to develop their own population health skills through designing, implementing, testing and evaluating a small-scale health improvement project within their sphere of practice.

Participants will be supported remotely via an Action Learning Set of peers across your region, to utilise the OHID/HEE developed toolkit for Embedding Public Health into Clinical Services to identify ideas and test public health interventions in their own field of practice.

We are looking to recruit professionals from, but not limited to: Primary care nurses, midwives, health visitors, specialist nurses, medical professions, allied health professionals, dental professions, pharmacy staff, physician associates and social care workers and care home managers. If you are unsure if the programme is for you, get in contact and we will let you know.

The group will be split into two regional Action Learning Sets, to provide a platform of support share ideas and promote implementation of small-scale public health improvement projects.

We welcome expressions of interest that focus on the public health priorities outlined in the NHS Long term Plan. Click on the link here, to see an animation that outlines the priorities. However if you have alternative ideas – please do complete the form so that we can consider them.

To register your interest in joining this professional development programme you need to complete the expression of interest form (Follow this link or download below) and submit to Mike Parker from  Progress Health Partnerships (www.progresshp.co.uk) – who has been commissioned to lead this guided learning opportunity

Please send completed form to: mike.parker@progresshp.co.uk

Deadline for submission: 14/02/2023

2023 Resources
2021/22 Resources

Evaluation - Leading Prevention in Clinical Services – A Toolkit Approach

2021 Workbook - Embedding public health in to clinical services toolkit

On 23rd July 2022, Deborah Eapen presented the mini QI at the North West Foundation Forum. Please find the poster and presentation here.

2020 Resources

Evaluation report

The NWPHPN is pleased to share the final evaluation report of the pilot project to support clinicians to utilise the "Embedding Public Health in Clinical Services Toolkit" funded by HEE and delivered across the Midlands and North West as a collaborative approach to taking a multi professional approach to developing public health practice in clinical settings.

The purpose of the work was to: -

  • Explore the value of the toolkit to support public health projects led by clinicians
  • Explore “action learning set” model
  • Build the evidence base for the toolkit through case studies from a range of health professionals / settings.
  • Provide recommendations for increasing toolkit use and public health practice across professions and organisations.

The project was delivered in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic and many participants were called into Covid related clinical duties understandably. Of the 33 participants that enrolled 23 completed the project with us and we were able to secure 16 completed case studies from that final cohort, a  huge testament to those that participated.

Report recommendations included: -

  • Noted the significant interest in public health amongst clinical workforce
  • Covid 19 did impact overall project participation as expected – particularly in terms of completed projects for some participants
  • Action learning set approach is an effect model to provide support.
  • Resource is currently in an E learning format – having in a digital  document format would enhance use.
  • Communications to promote the resource needed


  1. Final report
  2. Infographic
  3. Combined case studies

For further information contact phpn.northwest@hee.nhs.uk