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Special Interest Groups for an applied approach to Behavioural & Social Science methodology for the public health workforce in the NW

The NW public health workforce development team are delighted to share the next phase of the work that we are delivering in partnership with the

Behavioural and Social Sciences Public Health Network to build capacity and capability in behavioural and social sciences across the region.

Directors of public health from all public health teams in LA in NW have been invited to nominate 1-2 members of their team that lead on behaviour change / health improvement / MECC to attend a series of Special Interest Groups ( delivered in each ICS area) to develop some core common competences in understanding health behaviours and behaviour change interventions & techniques.

Participants will be invited to a regional welcome session to kickstart the programme on 3rd November – (please note this is an invitation only event) followed by receiving pre-recorded self-directed learning materials which will need to be completed prior to attending the first facilitated special interest group (SIG) meeting.

Delegates will be supported to apply the learning to a public health issue of their choice – providing an opportunity to “have a go” at applying the learning with peers from across their own locality.

The learning will cover the following themes and Directors of Public Health are supportive and currently nominating team members to participate.

  1. Identifying behavioural contributions to complex problems
  2. Understanding behaviour
  3. Designing behaviour change interventions
  4. Introduction to Behaviour Change Techniques

Evaluation of this targeted approach will be shared and a show and tell type event is planned for March 2022 to share the learning across all three ICS areas in the NW.

The work is led by Dr Rory McGill, Public Health Consultant at Sefton Council and Alison Farrar, Public Health Workforce Lead, HEE NW

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