PHPN Team Monthly Update

Welcome to the September NWPHPN newsletter.

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So - what has the NWPHPN team being doing over the last month? Some of the workstreams include:

New for the Autumn / Winter months – Applied Behavioural & Social Science facilitated workshops for public health teams across the Northwest. We are working with OHID NW and colleagues at the Behavioural Science & Public Health Network ( BSPHN) to develop a new workforce development offer for public health teams across each of the three ICS footprints across the Northwest.

We know that the pandemic highlighted the importance of a public health workforce literate in behaviour change methodology throughout a variety of pressing issues in quick succession such as vaccine uptake and outbreak management reliant on understanding the barriers and facilitators to behaviour change. This is reflected by the World Health Organisation stating in 2022 that “behavioural and social sciences are critical for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response”(Session 5 WHO Summit 2022)

The purpose of the workshops sessions is an opportunity for adoption and spread of behavioural science application into public health practice across the region to address health inequalities and future health protection outbreaks.

Participants will have access to a series of self-directed learning resources developed by colleagues from University College London Centre for Behaviour Change  followed by the opportunity to apply the methodology through facilitated special interest groups ( one in each ICS area) We are  currently finalising the offer but expect to be recruiting to the sessions in September. For further information email us at

We are working with OHID NW and our regional partners to develop a Training Needs Survey to explore the Public Health workforce needs. This will  be released later this month and feature in October newsletter but if it lands in your inbox before then, please complete it as it will influence what we deliver.

We continue to support the C&M workforce development programme led by who are currently scooping how best to support public health teams health & wellbeing as well as scoping options to address workforce supply issues associated with the public health specialist workforce.

Similarly, in GM we are supporting the GM workforce lead working towards a GM strategy for public health workforce development and associated steering group for the work.

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