Request for feedback on public health practitioner workforce development

The study is looking to understand the views and experiences of Public Health Practitioners and their employers of public health workforce development activities they have been involved in. If you or your employees have undertaken the public health workforce development scheme, ICF would be very much like to hear from you.

The interview is expected to last around 45-60 minutes and will take place over the phone or via Microsoft Teams.

All data collected during the interview will be aggregated and anonymised, and compiled into a report for HEE. ICF will not share any data that personally identifies you or your organisation with us or any third party. Neither you personally nor your organisation will be identifiable in the report or any other project outputs. Further information on the evaluation is attached Evaluation Information Sheet Employers And Public Health Practitioners

If you are happy to participate in an interview, please enter your contact details on the following link as soon as possible, so that a researcher from ICF can get in touch: